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    Geotextile fabric pots are a valid alternative to traditional pots.

    The material with which they are made ensures that the earth does not come out and at the same time the pot is breathable . It is a very resistant and very light material, not being rigid it is almost impossible to break. It can be reused and folded if it is not used.

    There are geotextile pots of all shapes and sizes and it is an ideal solution for growing most vegetables.

    One of the main advantages of choosing a fabric pot is the better oxygenation of the root system of the plant and of the substrate, compared to any plastic or earthenware pot.
    Also thanks to the geotextile material , drainage of any excess water is guaranteed , avoiding stagnation which often causes plant diseases.
    Finally, the fact of having non-smooth and rigid walls limits the spiraling of the roots , which can therefore develop with a healthier and more natural conformation.

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