Easyorto Mint - Green Sagemax

Verdemax SKU: 8015358022194
Easyorto Mint - Green Sagemax

Easyorto Mint - Green Sagemax

Verdemax SKU: 8015358022194
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With EASYORTO, a small space is enough to always have fresh mint and sage grown by you at hand.


Easyorto is a Verdemax kit for easily creating a small vegetable garden in small spaces and always having the right flavors at hand for your dishes.
Using Easyorto is very simple, just open the nylon bag containing the compact soil, add water to increase its volume and insert the mint and sage seeds.

The Easyorto Verdemax kit includes:

- 1 white pickled wooden box 26x16x11 cm

- compact soil in coconut fiber

- shaped film for soil

- highly germinable mint and sage seeds

- Instructions for Use



Mint is a beautiful and fragrant plant. It has soft, green leaves with jagged edges.
Taste mint tea or mint lemonade for a sweet, fresh, and cheerful flavor. Add mint leaves to fruit salads, desserts and cakes.

Fresh sage leaves have a deep, strong tangy flavor that somewhat dulls the fatty taste of pork, bacon, sausages, and salmon.
Try quickly frying sage in butter and add it to risotto or spaghetti. If you don't consume all the leaves, you can also use them to enrich your potpourri.

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