Orchidea Color Teraplast vase with raised support

Teraplast SKU: 8051560039834
Vaso Teraplast orchidea trasparente
Orchidea Colour Teraplast vaso - ambientato
Orchidea Color Teraplast vase with raised support
Orchidea Colour Teraplast vaso giallo Trasparente
Orchidea Teraplast color grigio fumo
Orchidea Colour Teraplast vaso Rosa Trasparente
Orchidea Colour Teraplast vaso Verde Trasparente

Orchidea Color Teraplast vase with raised support

Teraplast SKU: 8051560039834
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Ideal vase for orchids with raised bottom


Transparent plastic vase, with white decoration in the lower part of the vase, ideal for orchids.
This model is also equipped with a raised bottom to ensure that even in the presence of water stagnation, the roots of your orchids can remain dry.
You can also use the internal support as a support for the original orchid pots or fill the bottom of the pot with a layer of inert material.

The transparent version allows you to control the development of the roots and allows them to receive a good amount of light to make them stronger and more active. It is also possible to monitor the condition of the soil to verify that there is no water stagnation.

The material it is made of is ecological, non-toxic and recyclable, it is very light and impact-resistant.
The surface of the vase has a glossy finish resistant to UV rays and temperatures from -50°C to +50°C and is easily washable.

It is available in different colors and sizes.

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