Lechuza accessories

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    Lechuza accessories: make your vases perfect!

    With the practical Lechuza accessories you can make your life easier!
    Choose the perfect one for your vases between:

    • Lechuza Balcony Stand
    • Lechuza Stabilizer for Balcony Support
    • Lechuza Watering Set
    • Lechuza Roller Stand
    • Lechuza Base for Trio
    • Lechuza Grid for Trio
    • Lechuza Insert with Handles
    8 products
    Supporto per Balconera Lechuza 50/80 Nero
    White Black
    Lechuza - Support for Balconera 50 and 80
    Lechuza - Roller support for Lechuza CLASSICO, CANTO, CUBE, QUADRO vase
    from €24,95
    Stabilizzatore per Supporto Nero
    Stabilizzatore per Supporto
    White Black
    Lechuza - Stabilizer for Balconera support
    Lechuza - Insert with handles for CUBICO 30 vase
    Lechuza - Separator panel for stick systems
    Lechuza - Irrigation set for CLASSICO 28 pot, CUBICO 30 pot