Lechuza table vases

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    Lechuza table pots ideal for your seedlings

    Modern design that integrates perfectly into any environment. The Lechuza Orchidea vase, Lechuza Cube vase and Lechuza Canto Stone table vase are part of this collection.

    This selection of indoor vases and table vases is able to make the environment in which they are placed warm and welcoming.

    7 products
    Vaso Cubeto Stone Lechuza Nero Grafite
    CUBETO Stone 30 ambientata
    Black Grey White
    Lechuza - CUBETO Stone Design planter
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    Cube Color Lechuza
    Slate White
    Lechuza - CUBE Color Design vase with self-watering system
    from €13,95
    Stone Grey Graphite Black White Quartz
    Lechuza - CANTO Stone 14 Table vase