Flortis - Naturae Pine Oil ready to use 500 ml

Flortis SKU: 8009985020739
Flortis Naturae olio di pino naturale
flortis naturae  pino
Flortis Naturae olio di pino contro cocciniglia
Flortis naturae olio di pino

Flortis - Naturae Pine Oil ready to use 500 ml

Flortis SKU: 8009985020739
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It is a product based on pine essential oil, obtained from the needles of Pinus silvestris , an evergreen plant native to Europe and Northern Asia.

Applied on plants, it helps them protect themselves in the presence of scale insects , thanks to its antiperspirant action.

It also acts on the eggs laid by insects, devitalizing them.

AND applicable both on ornamental plants and on vegetable and garden plants and can be used at any time of the production cycle.

Doses and methods of use:

Shake well before use and spray the plant from a distance of 40-50 cm, uniformly wetting the entire surface, including the underside of the leaves.

Preventive action: treat every 10-15 days, from the beginning of flowering until the first fruit harvest.

Curative and protective action: treat when infestations appear and, if necessary, repeat the operation every 7-10 days after the first treatment.

FORMULATION: Ready-to-use liquid

500 ml bottle

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