Minigarden Basic S ONE

MiniGarden SKU: 5600350701500
Minigarden Basic S uno giardino in casa
Minigarden Basic S uno giardino in casa
Minigarden Basic S uno ambientato

Minigarden Basic S ONE

MiniGarden SKU: 5600350701500
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Automatic watering and feeding pot. Minigarden Basic S Uno provides more space for plants to grow. Thanks to its ingenious irrigation and nourishment system, Minigarden Basic S Uno makes growing small and large plants easy, without the usual daily worries.


Minigarden Basic is a plant growth system ideal for gardening novices or for those who do not want to dedicate too much time to the essential care that a plant needs, in particular for its watering and nourishment.

Thanks to an ingenious water collection system enriched with nutrients, it provides regular nourishment and continuous irrigation to the plants based on their specific needs, allowing you to care for and grow ornamental, aromatic plants or small vegetables even without the usual daily care .

Minigarden Basic S Uno is a planter with a larger surface area than the Minigarden Basic S and is the most efficient and easy-to-use system for caring for and growing plants available on the market. You don't even have to get your hands dirty for potting; just insert 2 normal pots with the chosen plants and wait for them to grow.

Minigarden Basic S Uno has a 1.25 liter tank and a flower pot with a capacity of 2.8 litres .

Product composition

Minigarden Basic is a system made up of just 6 elements, easy to assemble:

- a waterproof saucer at the base,
- 2 supports with circular hole into which the vase is inserted,
- a round base to support the tank,
- a removable tank for water and nutrients,
- a supply cap,
- a layer of geotextile fabric to be laid inside the waterproof base.

Irrigation and Nutrition

Minigarden Basic S Uno includes an exclusive removable tank with a capacity of 1.25 liters which can be filled with water and nutrients.
Once filled, the tank is closed with the supply cap and mounted with the spout facing downwards inside the round base that supports the tank.
At this point the system is ready for use.

The tank, the feeding cap and the layer of geotextile fabric inserted inside the waterproof bottom guarantee automatic watering and nourishment of the plants in both pots for extended periods of time.

With the Minigarden wall support (not included in the package), you can now hang the Basic S Uno on the wall .

The patented irrigation and nutrient supply technology is unique, and allows the healthy growth of the plants in the two pots for a long period of time without any intervention on our part.

Basic Minigarden is made from high-strength copolymer polypropylene and contains additives that provide UV protection, making it able to withstand extreme weather conditions, and comes with a 10-year warranty.

The good of the environment is our constant concern, therefore Minigarden Basic is made of recyclable material.

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