Plantui Smart Garden 3e - White

Plantui SKU: 6430054274333
Plantui Smart Garden 3e - White
Plantui Smart Garden 3e - White
Plantui Smart Garden 3e - White

Plantui Smart Garden 3e - White

Plantui SKU: 6430054274333
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The new Plantui Smart Garden 3e allows you to grow tasty, fresh and healthy aromatic herbs and salads without using soil. The automatic and patented growth system guarantees easy and efficient cultivation thanks to the special light spectrum.

Plantui 3e Smart Garden is a unique hydroponic garden. With a Plantui 3e Smart Garden you can grow up to 3 plants at the same time, selecting them from our variety of capsules.
This appliance, thanks to an intelligent system of lights and an automatic irrigation system, helps you grow fresh and healthy aromatic herbs and tasty salads all year round.

This Plantui Smart Garden supports 3 pods, so you can grow up to 3 plants at the same time. Some grow quickly and others more slowly.
For best results, it is recommended to grow plants with the same growth rate at the same time.

Plants need different light based on their growth phase. Plantui lights create perfect sprouting and growth for your herbs and salads. Plantui Smart Garden has a high-range light system to recreate the best spectrum and intensity necessary for photosynthesis. You'll taste the difference!

Plantui 3e Smart Garden™ uses the same irrigation system as greenhouses: it silently pumps water to the roots 1-7 times a day, depending on the growth phase. The intelligent irrigation system ensures the plants get the right supply of water, nutrients and oxygen.
All plastics and ceramics are dishwasher safe (max 55°)

Plantui Smart Garden turns off for 8 hours a day. The system will automatically go into “sleep” mode 16 hours after turning it on. The Timer can be set differently if necessary.

You can take advantage of the Vacation Pause system to ensure that your plants use less water and can grow more slowly while you are away.

Energy consumption < 30 kWh per year
9 high range LED lights with photosynthesis spectrum
Pump operation 1-7 times a day depending on the growth stage
Noise during pump operation approximately 50 dB

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