Schio Cassa Teraplast rectangular planter

Teraplast SKU: 11427060032
Schio Cassa Teraplast Rosso
Schio Cassa Teraplast - ambientato
Schio Cassa Teraplast rectangular planter
Schio Cassa Teraplast Antracite
Schio Cassa Teraplast Bianco
Schio Cassa Teraplast Bronzo
Schio Cassa Teraplast Cappuccino
Schio cassa Teraplast Grigio

Schio Cassa Teraplast rectangular planter

Teraplast SKU: 11427060032
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Planter made of plastic material, available in different colors and sizes.


Schio Cassa by Teraplast is a planter made of plastic material.

The vase has a retractable raised edge which allows it not to adhere completely to the floor and avoids water stagnation underneath.

The material it is made of is ecological, non-toxic and recyclable, it is very light and impact-resistant.

The surface of the pot has a matte finish resistant to UV rays and at temperatures from -30°C to +60°C it will not change color over time.
With the exception of the White and Cardinal Red colours, the surface has a sandblasted effect.

Available sizes:

Model Length Depth Height
Schio Case 60 60cm 25cm 25cm
Schio Case 80 80cm 30cm 30cm
Schio Case 100 100cm 40cm 40cm

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